We're thrilled to showcase one of our most exclusive & special collaborations to date, a partnership with the iconic and heritage brand NAUTICA

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The Mighty harmonist NAUTICA X GRIMEY collection draws inspiration from the vibrant fashion of the 90s, creating a true celebration of that golden era.

Introducing the Sea Legend concept, inspired by the mysteries and majesty of the ocean. It captures the essence of maritime and street culture with themes like Mermaid, We Are an Ocean, The Deep, Rising Tide, Brotherhood, and Tears of the Sea. Each concept delves into the captivating world beneath the waves.

The campaign was shot in Geneva (Switzerland) by Di-Meh, in New York (USA) by Crimeapple and with Ill Pekeño and Ergo Pro in Madrid.

Each garment tells a story, representing the indomitable spirit of the sea and the camaraderie of sailors. From bold graphics, through prints and embroidery to intricate details, the mermaid signals the hours of sailing. These pieces pay homage to the deep-rooted connection between humanity and the ocean.

The collection features a range of tracksuits, jackets, shorts, cotton garments, and snapbacks, highlighting the stunning nylon tracksuit with zippered expandable pants for a loose fit and the track jacket with zipper openings for maximum comfort.

Every piece in this collection combines NAUTICA's timeless
appeal with GRIMEY's unique touch
with a powerful harmony like the ocean.
Join us as we dive into the unique collaboration between GRIMEY and NAUTICA, where streetwear meets heritage.

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