GRIMEY presents WINTER 2021 collection

GRIMEY presents WINTER 2021 collection



The year is ending and it's a good time to put on the streets one of the most complete collections of the brand. The campaign has been shot in Paris and Los Angeles.

Accessing all places with character, we bring news with our classics located in a different dimension from previous seasons.
A breath of fresh air for these times.

Renewing old ideas and mixing them with a contemporary flavor, the collection is divided into these three groups:

Space Lady is the capsule that will accompany you in the coldest moments of winter. Fleeces, sherpa tracksuits, puffer jackets, mountain jackets, heavy t-shirts...

The atmosphere that surrounds each garment is derived from the fusion of different influences such as love for the cosmos and interstellar travel, the melodies of the pianist Loonie Liston Smith, the literature of Octavia E. Butler and old times science fiction films.


We come to the corporate part of the collection but with a touch of elegance...

Our logo merges into a group of garments with a clear influence of the roots concept in leather pullovers, windbreakers, cotton, tie dye hoodies, embroidered denim pants or trucker caps and curved visor.


Aged Rum is a capsule based on corduroy as the only material in all its sets. Hoodies, shirts, patchwork pants ... With the exception of the reversible faux fur jacket, everything is encompassed around this material.

The range of colors goes from black to earth tones, and each of these pieces are very easy to combine with anything in the collection. The perfect closing for the coldest season of the year.






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