GRIMEY presents SPRING 2022 collection

GRIMEY presents SPRING 2022 collection


Our first drop of the 2022 Spring-Summer collection is full of color and innovation, but in the classic Grimey style.

We wanted to bring a set of timeless pieces, more pure than on other occasions but no less avant-garde.The collection is divided into 5 capsules and its respective campaign has been shot in Medellin and Madrid.


This capsule is born from the revolutionary concept, non-conformism and faith in the people of the earth. In difficult times like the ones we are living, the conviction that we can change things comforts us.

'Daydreamer' is our passion for freedom represented in a set of pieces in which our rebelliousness is bathed in powerful colors, washed garments, disobedient baseball jackets and a lot of symbolism. 
We keep dreaming.





In this case, our inspiration is based on the rules of the jungle, the hustle of the streetlife, the knowledge that you develop after breathing the streets.

The pieces in this capsule are a concentrated juice of many flavors.
Tracksuits, shorts and jersey sets made of mesh with satin, cotton sweatshirts and shorts, oversized T-shirts, satin jackets and synthetic suede jackets as one of the novelties in our spring collection.





 The breath of this set comes from the Mesoamerican divinity Quetzalcoatl. 

A group of cotton garments featuring complex colorful patterns and the spirit of the feathered serpent. Sweatshirts and T-shirts with an orthodox skate style.


For the introduction of our fifteenth anniversary we decided to represent this by worshiping the intensity of the struggle during these fifteen years.

Probably the most innovative part of the collection, washed canvas tracksuits, muay thai shorts with flashy trimmings, camouflage, bombers and as a novelty, a tribute to the mythical M-65 warrior.

All our spirit represented in a set of military style pieces, full of our message from the beginning and all our symbols represented with incredible graphics and embroidery.



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